July 6, 2009

GWN Triathlon

This is not a race report. I will post soon. I am feeling great today and extatic about yesterday's race. My biggest success of the day was that I had no shin pain (ie. from my stress fracture) and no IT band pain like last year.

I swam strong, biked hard in the head wind and ran almost as fast as I did last year (except I took more walk breaks this year due to the heat) with having 10 weeks off of running.

GWN 2009 Results
Swim 36:04 (:31 seconds faster than last year)
Bike and Transitions 2:46:36 (1:59 faster than last year)
Run 1:51:27 (:34 seconds slower than last year)
OVERALL TIME 5:14:06 (1:55 faster than last year)

Age-Group Placing 15/95
Overall Female 23/300-ish (we were told that there were over 300 females registered)
Overall Placing 162/672

Here are some pitures for now (as for the picture of transition - I am in there if you look carefully at the first rack; I am wearing purple and orange; I am bent over trying to get off my wetsuit!).

Race report to come!

Getting into my wetsuit - it takes so long!

The swim start - always chaos.

Into transition and out on the bike! I love the bike!

The final stretch of the run - I felt so strong!