November 27, 2008


Training has been going really well! Since last week I have done:

Friday: run speedwork and some strength work at the track followed by a 1 hour swim (I was very tired during the swim)
Saturday: 1 hour swim at the pool
Sunday: brick at the U of C - 1 hour bike followed by a 1/2 hour run, and strength work
Monday: rest day; I hated this day as I usually have a swim as my rest day. I was dying to get on my bike (or even my elliptical!) for just 1/2 hour but, I resisted. Seriously, what to non-triathletes do in their spare time!?
Tuesday: 45 minute treadmill run and a 1.5 hour bike at Bow Cycle
Wednesday: 1 hour swim and I taught a 1.5 hour bike at Tri It
Thursday: a 1 hour 15 minute bike followed by a 20 minute transition run - I made the mistake of wearing capri tights in -10 degrees, and got a crazy cold rash! I guess it is time to put away the capri's for awhile.

Other than that I am boring and have no new news to tell you but, I will have some exciting things next week!

November 22, 2008

Tri It now has a Blog!

Tri It now has a blog! Keep up up-to-date on all the latest happenings at your favorite triathlon store. We will have race reports from sponsored athletes and staff, local race information, training and nutrition tips, special events, product information, and more!

Check us out at:

November 19, 2008

Like the Tasmanian Devil

Is it the Tasmanian Devil off of "Loony Toons" that spins around in circles everywhere he goes? That is what I feel like these days! Don't get me wrong, life is good.....just really busy! I have to write down every thing I have to do because if I don't, I am onto the next thing and I forget what happened 5 minutes ago. I apologize to all my friends whose emails I have not returned and whose calls are still parked on voicemail. Please don't hate me; I am just really busy...Tasmanian Devil busy, actually!

On a side note, training is going great! My plantar faciitis is a tad sore but the bike is phenomenal and I had a breakthrough at swimming this morning. I was doing a set of 4 x 100's at the hardest pace I could go in the pool. I usually hit around 1:40 for this. I went on my first set and hit 1:34 (29 stroke count/lap). I couldn't believe I hit in the 1:30's. I was ecstatic! My friend Chris pointed out I was not pausing during my stroke and simply taking too many strokes. I agreed but I have always had a high stroke count. He gave me some quick pointers and I went again The sets ended up looking like this:
Set 1 - 1:34 (29 stroke count/lap)
Set 2 - 1:34 (22 stroke count/lap)
Set 3 - 1:34 (23 stroke count/lap)
Set 4 - 1:37 (23 stroke count/lap) - with a pullbuoy
I am on cloud nine and I feel like something clicked in the water today. I know I can replicate this again as I get it now.

Ok, back to whirling around I go.

November 13, 2008


How things change. I have decided that I am no longer going to do Ironman Australia. I have put my pride aside (of the fact that I have told so many people I am doing it) and listened to my wonderful coach and a few other people who I respect greatly such as Greg Bradly. Ironman is a big commitment and the chance of jeopardizing the rest of my season and burning myself out just wasn't worth it. And spending 6 hours by myself in my basement on my trainer! It is the right decision but, I am hoping to still go to Australia and do an Olympic distance race on the Gold Coast (no, not Age Group World's; although I did qualify!).

Another change is that I am now coaching a drop-in spin session on Wednesday nights at Tri It. Not everyone can commit to a weekly spin session and this gives people the opportunity to try out a spin class or sneak one in when they can.

That is about it for now. Maybe more changes to come.... guess you will have to check back!

November 11, 2008


Women’s 2007 Helix

Used 1 triathlon season

Women’s small (WS)

** size will fit a variety of sizes, from 105lbs - 135lbs

Price: $250

Let me know if you need more details, or would like to try it out:

November 6, 2008

Lesson Learned

When your coach tells you not to add should listen! I have been feeling good and chomping at the bit to do more than my wonderful coach has scheduled lately. Part of it could be that I don't know what to do with myself when I only have 1 workout in a day. So, this week almost daily I added either a bike or a run. Nothing too long really - just short workouts but adding workouts. I woke up today feeling tired. I had a brick to get done. I suffered through the bike and could not give my pedals the power that I should have. Secondly, my darn heart rate would not get to where it was supposed to! I tried but I was just too tired. I got off my bike and headed outside to get my run in. I wanted to run just 15 minutes but had to get through 45 minutes! I suffered but tried not to let it show....until... the last 20 minutes. For one all I could think about was coffee, eggs and toast, and two, I was tired! I even walked up a "hill" (it was actually more of a bump). I made my way back home and finished. For the rest of the day I have been dragging. I do know if I hadn't tried to be a rock star and ignore my coach I would be fine. Lesson learned! I plan to sleep in tomorrow and only do the workout on my calendar.