January 27, 2009

So busy!

OK, I don't have time to write as I am very busy. I train, go to work, coach, and go home to sleep. I repeat this everyday. I love it. I am not complaining but, unfortunately I have nothing exciting to report to you at this time.

Life is good! That is my motto (stolen from my friend Terry!).

I have also attached a picture of Kita (my little puppy). The picture is entitled "Exactly what are you accusing me of?"

January 13, 2009

Fighting my way back

On Friday I went down for the count! Sick that is. I got up early for track practice feeling a bit tired and sniffly. I got to practice and did a 15 minute warm-up and felt OK. Ang and I started into our sets. Ang is faster than me but usually I can at least hang onto her for a few laps. The first fast set I hung on. The second I got dropped and jogged it in. On the third I jogged from the get-go and walked (yes walked) it in! I looked at Ang, "I think i have to go home". I crawled back into bed where I remained for the next 24 hours! I attempted to go to work the next day but got sent home after about 15 minutes (did I mention I sat in a chair staring at the wall during that time?). So, over the next few days I was confined to the couch staring longingly at my bike and runners.

Yesterday I managed an 20 minute run with one of my athlete's but still had trouble breathing. Today I am attempting the Bow Cycle workout and will hopefully be back up to speed by next week. The good news is that this week is a rest/easy week for me so I have less workouts than usual so I am not missing too many.

I also want o send out a huge congrats to TTL athlete Leana who PR'd her marathon last weekend by over 26 minutes! Outstanding!

January 8, 2009

Team TriLIfe Clothing has arrived

I have not been on my blog much lately and still have many friend's blogs to catch up on. I have been very busy this week. With a bunch of new athlete meetings and setting those new athletes up, along with the planning for my spin classes that I teach (NOTE: Which I need music ideas for, so please email me ideas on songs for my class). I have also been training alot and hitting all my workouts. As you know, training is time. I won't say how many hours a week but, it is quite a few!

The new Team TriLife clothing arrived and looks great. My friend Leana who is so organized agreed to take some pictures of herself in the gear. I forgot to tell her I was going to post them on my blog too! Ha! Ha! WE also got new race tops and shorts which you will see. She looks great in it and we will all make an impact at races this year. This morning a few of us ran and we were all in our jackets. It makes you feel like a real team!

That is all for now. Training is going great and I'll update you later.

January 2, 2009

New Years

On 2pm New Year's Eve day I headed out of the Shark Mountain parking lot with Josh and Alyssa. We were off the the Bryant Hut to meet Jeff and some other friend's who had been doing some backcountry skiing. We were on backcountry skis (which I was less than thrilled about but, my dislike for skiing outweighs my love for my husband). The 2 days of skiing were my workouts for those days although those who know me know I would have much rather been swimming, biking or running (or at least cross country skiing). Anyway, I sucked it up for Jeff as sometimes we have to remember to do things other than triathlon!

The first half of the 14km in flew by as there was quite a bit of downhill. When we reached a map at 7.5km in Josh pointed out the "Half-way Hut" on the map. I looked at my watch and it was 4pm. It said 16km to Assinaboine Pass. I started to panic. Alyssa assured me it was only another 7km but the map said otherwise; I was confused. We went another 3km and stopped for a bathroom break. I was not happy and was really starting to worry. As Josh was off at the bathroom I expressed my concern to Alyssa that we could be in trouble. Then Alyssa explained that the hut Josh pointed to and the hut we were going to were 2 different huts and that she was sure we only had another 4km to go. My mood completely changed. I was so relieved! We got back on the trail and after 2km my wonderful husband and his buddy Brad met us. Jeff took my heavy pack and we finally made it to the hut around 5:45pm.

We ate, drank and chatted until midnight. Most of us watching the clock to see how much longer we had to go. We popped the champagne I had carried in at midnight and then all went to bed. Yes, the boys were fairly tame this New Years. The next morning we had an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and coffee before we hit the trail. As soon as I put my boots on though I could feel how sore my shins were from the previous day. We got to the map point again so I knew we only had about 5.5km to go. This is where my shins jumped from a 4 on the pain scale to a 5 on the pain scale. Within 1km more it jumped to a 6 and then a 7 and then an 8. We still had 1km to go. I would so much rather have IT band pain from running or chamois pain from a long bike! This really hurt and it was from a sport I don't love. I got fairly grouchy and knew I would miss my bike or run the next day because of sore shins from those darn ski boots! I winced in pain and had to stop a fair bit over the last km. Alyssa and Shawna were so kind to stay and ski with me and sympathize with my pain.

In any event I made it back to the truck (whew! It was over!). Seriously though my husband appreciates my efforts to do his sports since I am so wrapped up in triathlon all of the time. Training can take many forms so if you need to make the effort to do things with your spouse or significant other, make sure you do that. I saw today and will get a brick in tomorrow. On Sunday Jeff and I will get a cross country ski in which is great training ,and a happy medium for a joint sport for us.

I hope everyone had a great 2008 and is looking forward to a wonderful 2009!