February 24, 2009

Still injured......

Thanks for all the support and concern from everyone regarding my injury. I really appreciate it.

I thought I would report on the progress - the little that there is. I am still having pain and the rule is that I must be 100% before hopping back on the bike (don't even get me started on when I will be allowed to run again!). So, I wait patiently and am still missing being on my bike more than you an imagine.

Coaching however is going extremely well and I am putting all my extra energy into creating new workouts and training plans. I figure I can use this injury and be productive. I also have sorted through files, cleaned closets, organized tri and running gear and more! Ha! So all is not lost. I just need to focus on getting healthy and not let it get to my head (ie. go crazy!!!).

Thanks for checking in! Train smart!

February 12, 2009

Stressed Out

Ok, I am not referring to my mental state here, but rather my legs. As many people know, I have a stress fracture in each of my tibia's. My friend Sara who is a physio got my records and luckily it did only say minor (that is good news). So, I took a full week off of nothing (yes NOTHING!) and have water run and swam - with a pull buoy this week. I am being good and staying off the bike for another few days; for those who know my obsession with biking - this is killing me! I can't even fathom when I will be allowed to run again but, it is better to take care of this injury now and allow it to heal fully so I am not off this race season. I have learned over the years that when you are injured you have to rest and let the injury heal before you get back to it. The only reason I know is I have not done this in the past and paid dearly for it in the way of missing a race season.

So, I am freaking out but staying off my bike. It is killing me but patience now will set me up for a good race season. Not much new other than that but I promise I will try to blog more often as I used to.

Train smart!

February 8, 2009

Pool to Path Aquathon

Pool to Path Aquathon
June 7th, 2009
2009 Alberta Provincial Aquathon Championships

The Pool to Path Aquathlon is a fun race that encourages involvement in sport and success. The 2009 race will also be the Alberta Provincial Aquathon Championships. Please note that participants must be members of the Alberta Triathlon Association in order to receive their Provincial level placing.

Age Adult Distances
18 ys + 500 m swim/5 km run

Age KOS Distances
6 – 7 yrs 50 m swim/500 m run
8 – 9 yrs 100 m swim/1 km run
10 – 11 yrs 150 m swim/2 km run
12 – 13 yrs 300 m swim/3 km run
14 – 15 yrs 400 m swim/4 km run
16 – 17 yrs 500 m swim/5 km run

The Pool to Path Aquathon will take place in Cochrane, Alberta at the Big Hill Leisure Pool. The race will start at 8am. Heat times will be posted on the Team TriLife website a few days prior to race day.

Adults (18 +)
$30 – with ATA membership
$45 – without an ATA membership; this will include a one-day membership fee

Kids (6 – 17 years)
$20 – with ATA membership
$25 – without an ATA membership; this will include a one-day membership fee

Registration is available only through the Alberta Triathlon Association (ATA).

For more information, please email myself or Angie Anderson.
Richelle - richelle@teamtrilife.com
Angie - angie@teamtrilife.com

February 5, 2009

"Win or lose, you will never regret working hard, making sacrifices, being disciplined, or focusing too much. Success is measured by what we have done to prepare for competition."
-John Smith

February 3, 2009

Update (yes, I know - finally!)

As you know I have been very busy. Here is a quick update on what has been going on:
  • I have some shin splints (again, I repeat as I have done this and said it before, do not add random run workouts into your program; coach gives you a tongue lashing! and then you get injured). I will be on the darn elliptical for the next 2 weeks.
  • I did my VO2 max test yesterday on the bike. Hit 250 watts. In my mind before the test started I figured I would hit 240 watts. So, when I hit 240 watts I wanted to stop. If I had not mentally defeated myself I may have gone higher. But, I did get my HR up to 189! I got my test done at FRESH! Fitness with Tim Borys. VO2 max test are extremely valuable to help you with your training to ensure you are training right. As before, the FRESH! staff was outstanding and I highly recommend getting your test done through them. Although I did tell Tim I hated him at 240 watts - that was the high HR talking.
  • I am coaching swimming for the Cochrane Red Rock Runners on Monday nights. A great group who have welcomed a new coach part way through the season with open arms.
  • Coaching spin at TriIt is going great. A fantastic group who keep me laughing and shaking my head. I invite any of my friends to come check out a class. Wednesday nights with tension on the pedals at 6:30 sharp.
  • The preparations for the Pool to Path Aquathon in Cochrane on June 7th are going great. For more info visit Team TriLife.
  • My new bike is on it's way - it's like freakin' Christmas. How many more sleeps?
OK, that's all I have time to write for now and I figure at least I got a few things in.

Take it easy and train smart!