June 22, 2009

Chinook Olympic Distance Tri

As I drove down Macleod early race morning I had no idea where I was supposed to turn to get to Lake Midnapore (aka race site for the day). Feeling very unprepared for this race - not usually like me. I was just about to call Rose to figure out where I was going, when I saw her car. Phew! I got behind her and followed her to the lake. I parked and followed the heard of triathletes. I got into transition, chatted......chatted some more, and more until someone told me we had to be out of transition by the time the 1/2 Ironman started - that was 10 minutes away! Crap! I stripped to my race suit, grabbed my wetsuit and headed to the beach.

Waiting over an hour to race start without access to transition was less than desirable. Thank goodness Kelvin lent me his sweater or I would have been very cold. I was starting to get more nervous too as my first tri of season got closer. When it was finally time to get into my wetsuit, I did and Brian and Ang from Tri It were there for hugs and to help adjust my wetsuit. Brian joked that if I disgraced the store with a bad race that I should not bother coming into work later. "Is that motivation enough to go faster?" he asked. Brian is hilarious! I am pretty sure he was joking, cause I still work there. Oh did I mention I forgot my earplugs in my tri suit under my wetsuit!? I realized this was about 3 minutes before race start. I found Brad's girlfriend and told her my predicament and we managed to get them. Boy, do I ever owe her!

I barely remember the gun going off but into the water I went. It was a rough start and I got hit and banged and could not find my rhythm. As we hit the first buoy I realized this was not going to be just 1500m. I am not sure how far extra we swam but, we swam extra. I hit the beach after lap 1 and heard a number of cheers for me (which was so appreciated) and headed back for lap 2. It was mildly better for lap 2 in terms of congestion but still a fair bit of contact. I was so relieved to be done the swim and as I popped up onto the beach I looked at my watch and saw 30:08. Augh! I was less than thrilled but knew it was a longer swim.
I ran into transition beside my friend Caitlin who luckily informed me I had run by my bike as we flew through. I did a 180 turn and ran back to find my bike. I can't believe I did that! I have never done that before. The bike went by fast even though I was tired. My quads pushed as hard as they could, which wasn't as hard as I liked. It was my first race with my new bike and my aero helmet. I love them both! (Note: since that race I have adjusted my seat with a new seat post and like my bike even better - I feel like I have another gear!). I ht the turnaround and tried to see where I was in the pack. This cost me focus when I should have been focused on pedaling harder.
I heard my name being yelled as I hit T2 but could not see anyone as I was so focused on getting onto the run course. With T1, the bike and T2 my time came to 1:15:09. I had no idea at the time and just wanted to get out on the run.

The run hurt. I won't lie. It hurt the entire 10km. I felt like I was going so slow and struggling to hang on. I walked the water stations as it was so hot and I was tired. I never normally walk water stations on a 10km....grrr. At the 8km check I actually wanted to stop and be done with the race. I finally got to see who was behind me and saw a few people right on my heels. Crap! I picked it up as best I could...until the hill. I walked up part of it, chatted with James Keeval who was spectating and jogged the rest of the way up the hill. I was at a mere jog at this point and I just couldn't push any harder. With 0.5km to go Jason Chow yelled at me to pick it up and I really just wanted to stop and again, be done with the race. I really was only around the corner from the finish and ran it as Caitlin who had finished already ran it in with me for a run time of 51:25 and an overall time of 2:36:41.

I know I sound disappointed with my race. I was tired, mentally and physically and still am. I do start to taper on Sunday though for GWN tri. When I put it in perspective though it is not my time I am disappointed with it was how unprepared I was, how I was tired (this is the first triathlon I have not tapered for) and how I let my mental state get me down during the race. The reality is that I should be happy that I am healthy enough and lucky enough to do this wonderful sport. I really do love this sport!

The best part of the day was that I promised that after the race I would head straight to work at Tri It right after the race however, transition was closed until after 1pm so I couldn't get my bike and stuff out. So, I stayed and chatted and congratulated everyone I knew. I loved it! I can't imagine a better place to hang out other than at a race in the sun! Congrats to everyone who raced. Especially all you first timers - I welcome you officially to this wonderful sport!
If anyone has pictures of me from Saturday (other than Carla who caught me on camera with my shirt on backwards - oops) please send! Thanks!

June 17, 2009


Ok, where do I begin? I have been so bad at updating my blog - all due to training, work, coaching, eating, sleeping, and repeating. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining but I have just been bad about updating my blog and lately housework. I am really a clean freak but with increased training volume, Ang has told me I have to "let it go" for the next 3months (hope my parents understand when they visit next month!).

So, on the Tri It front, the store has been busy and I love it! I get to see so many of my friends all the time! Don't tell Brian I hardly consider hanging out at the store all day talking about triathlon work. Ha!

On the coaching front. My athletes are in race season now and doing well. I am so proud of them all and many of them have been racing hard, overcoming fears and having fun being in the sport of triathlon. I may have mentioned before that I also helped coach some KOS (Kids of Steel) camps which I loved! Here is a picture of one of my athletes and I at the Footstock KOS race last Sunday (LEFT). Probably one of the coolest kids I know! I was the swim captain for the race and it was great to see a number of the kids that I did the camp with race (RIGHT). They all did so amazing! I am again so proud. Swim coaching and my run clinic all end next week. I am sad but a bit excited to be able to focus a bit more energy to my Ironman training. Oh, and in case I forgot the Aquathon (swim/run) we put on 2 weeks ago went really well. No catastrophes, everyone had fun and we plan on doing it again next year. The big success of the day was that all the kids had fun and succeeded.

On the training and racing front. I am tired. Ang is happy about that and wants me to race tired this weekend for the Chinook Olympic. "great!" I am thrilled about it as you can tell. I raced last weekend at the Footstock 10km. My legs were tired but I ran as hard as I could to a 49:35. Although it is 2 minutes off my PR I promised my self I would be happy with anything sub-50 after not training hard on the run due to my stress fractures. I raced without pain, was pain free post-race and pain free the next day!!! BIG SUCCESS! Yeah!! Ross took this great picture of me during the 10km last weekend. Although I am suffering - alot - I actually really like it. Thanks Ross!

Ok, I know that is a short crappy update (and I am tired and have to go to bed now) but I will try to update more regularly and maybe even get a race report up from this upcoming weekend at Chinook....