September 25, 2008

I'm a triathlete again! (almost)

Over the past month I have felt more like a runner than a triathlete leading up to this marathon. I am 10 days out now! Today a few of us met for an early morning run around Cochrane and then Ang and I hit the pool. I love multi-sport workouts! I was exhausted, but happy. It felt great to be back in the pool after a month hiatus (the pool was shutdown for annual cleaning). Being back in the pool mentally was great, however, my body was not so sure. My shoulders got tired quick and as Ang pointed out before we got in, I have lost some bulk on my shoulders (darn! I worked hard for that!). I do have no doubt though, that it will come back quickly and that in just a few workouts I will not feel so laboured in the water.

With 10 days to go to the marathon I am now obviously in taper mode! I seem to be forever hungry and on Sunday, immediately after my run, I ate: 3 bowls of cereal, 1 cup of yogurt and 1 pita pizza that I had made the night before! I think my husband is starting to worry I have taken up power eating in place of triathlon. For those of you that are reading this that have trained for a marathon before, YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME! HA! HA! I just can't believe the bottomless pit I have become and I looking forward to getting back to normal. The good news is that I have not gained weight and am leaner than I have ever been before!

September 23, 2008


I often get asked when is the best time of the day to train? Is it better to swim in the morning and run at night? Is it better to do my long runs on Saturday or Sunday? Well, the answer is actually quite simple. The best time of the day (or day) to train is the time and day that works best for you. Just get it done!

Happy Training!

September 15, 2008


Well, yesterday was my last really long run before my marathon. I only have 22km to run next Sunday (not sure when 22km became "only"! Hmmm....).

I had decided to wait until around 10:30am - 11am to start as it has been a bit chilly lately. However, as luck would have it as I stepped outside and looked at the temperature, 20 degrees I was a bit worried. Maybe I should have paid closer attention to the weather report! As I ran, I wound all around Cochrane in different neighborhoods. I had downloaded some new music too and have been loving Podrunner (DJ Steve Boyett) as it helps pass the time on these incredibly long runs.

At the 18km mark, I was passed by about 30 kids on bikes and realized the Terry Fox run was coming along that very path. I quickly found an exit off that trail and into a subdivision I could meander around in. It was so hot but I couldn't help enjoy it, realizing these days will be few and far between shortly. At the 28km mark I was out of water and extremely thirsty. I couldn't bare to go another 4km without water! I ran past a friend's house (who should remain nameless) and knocked on the door. I was excited for water! So excited! But there was no answer. I think my eyes filled with tears. I paused for a moment and turned the door knob. YES!!!!! I ran into the house, filled up 2 of my bottles, and chugged a glassful and went back out to face the final 4km of my run. THANK-YOU ________!!!!!! I ran around the neighborhood and finished the last few hundred meters mid-way up the Bonus Hill. I luckily finished right outside the convenience store right below my house so I walked in, bought an ice cream bar, and walked the rest of the Bonus Hill while happily eating my ice cream!!! 32km, I thought. I can suffer through another 10km in 3 weeks - it might not be pretty, but I know I can do it!

September 3, 2008

Tigger's "Kick that Cancer" Hoedown

Come kick up your heels for Terry!

An amazing silent auction, “toonie bar”, dancing and more!

September 27th, 2008
Frank Wills Memorial Hall 7:00 p.m.

Tickets: $5
(Tickets available at door unless we pre-sell them all which is what we’re hoping to do!)

For more information, contact Richelle:
To donate items for the silent auction please contact Angie at

Just a few of the silent auction items we have thus far:

$300 bike fit from Luke Way
T3 Suunto watch and HR monitor
Deluxe Race Entry for Great White North Triathlon
Please note: This item will be auctioned off via email. The auction will close Saturday, September 13th.
Pamper yourself basket
Deluxe picnic set
A women’s executive bag
Crystal Glass and decanter set
Teak Tea Box

… And HOPEFULLY much more!

Come to laugh, dance, have a cocktail or two, and buy some really great stuff to help our Tigger.

This is Tigger’s second bout of cancer in 2 years. She survived the first one, and we know she’ll “kick” this on too.

Terry’s words… “Screw the cancer. I have way too many things to do yet !!!!”

September 1, 2008

Dodging bears and parades!

Today I had a 32km run to get done. OK, I admit it - I was supposed to do it yesterday but unlike Susi, Ken and Phil I wasn't willing to face that temperature and rain quite yet this fall. As I headed out on my run I was stopped by a gentleman a few meters outside my front door. There had a bear sighting in the area! "But I have a 32km run!" I whined to the kind man whom I had never met (oops). He recommended that I stick to neighborhoods and main roads (he said if I saw the bear I could jump over a fence. Hmmm.......OK! And off I went. I stuck to main roads and avoided the pathways (darn, I love running the pathways in Cochrane on my long run days). I headed downtown Cochrane and saw alot of horses and parade floats. Crap! The Labour Day parade! I hit some side streets and managed to avoid the parade and most of the crowds. As I past by some parade go-ers though I did get a few odd looks. I was the only person not dressed in Western wear as the Cochrane Rodeo was on this weekend.

The run went fairly well but I did have some IT band tightness and managed to run only until 26km and walked the rest. Augh! This is frustrating as last weekend I had run 30km with no issues. This is all apart of training for a marathon though. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body. As I walked up the "bonus hill" my friend Jonathan, who is an amazing runner and triathlete, came bounding up the hill beside me. He was on a long run too. He looked so strong and I wished I could take some energy (and running ability) for myself.

When I got home and made sure I stretched (after my new favorite post-run snack, PowerBar Creamy Chocolate Recovery Shake). We are all guilty of not stretching after we swim, bike and run but, if you commit to it you will help ward off some of those annoying injuries.