December 30, 2008

My very own Christmas break mini training camp

What do triathletes do when they have extra time on their guessed it, train harder! My parents didn't end up making it for Christmas so I had some extra time on my hands. I decided to take advantage of it and do some extra training. Please note though, I do not advocate up-ing your mileage too much, or bike 5 days in a row like I did. In fact I usually stress the importance of rest to my athletes. The past week I worked hard and will take today off completely to allow my body to catch up on some much needed rest. Here is a rundown of what I did last week:

Dec 23 - 1 hour run and a 1 hour bike
Dec 24 - 45 minute run on the track with an easy 1 hour spin
Dec 25 - 50 minute bike with hard intervals
Dec 26 - 3 hour brick (2 hours hard on the bike followed by a 1 hour easy run)
Dec 27 - 1:45 bike with Sara Gross and Chris Brown
Dec 28 - swim camp; 5000m
Dec 29 - swim camp; 4800m

My parents did finally make it on the 27th and we had a wonderful visit. They even put up with me after I came back from 2 hours of swimming on Sunday and Monday and was tired and cranky (gosh, my parents are patient and understanding people). When we visited my Grandma on Monday I sat on the couch and fell asleep! Mom didn't get mad she just said "let's get you home". I love that I have such supportive parents. They know my goals and are so encouraging and supportive of them. Although mom and dad would still be happy if I were to decide not to do Ironman. They came to World's in Vancouver this year and stood in the rain and nearly freezing temperatures to cheer me on but, think Ironman is a big feat for their "little girl". I have assured them that many other "little girls" have done this race and been just fine.

In other news, we finally got our new Team Trilife clothing! It looks fantastic and we will surely be seen at all the races this year. It is also really comfortable - very important!

Lastly, as of today it is just 8 months until Ironman Canada! If you are not racing it is a blast to come out and watch. Last year I watched and volunteered too for a couple of hours, and it truly was a rewarding experience.

December 22, 2008

You are never gonna believe what I did!

Ha! Ha! The past few days have been a joke for training! I have been so busy trying to get ready for Christmas. been a little sick, enjoying being with friends and I guess just needed a little break from training hard. Let's see.... Friday I woke up and the cold I had been ignoring all week had finally hit me. I usually do speedwork on the track Friday mornings and I love the sessions. I had promised an athlete I would go and do a gait analysis on him, so I dragged myself to the track. I managed to do a bit of work and run a few laps and had to call it a day. Which also meant I was missing my swim. Saturday was not much better. I woke up still not feeling well and decided to miss my Saturday AM swim. By Saturday night I was feeling better and headed to the annual Cochrane Ironman party. A few drinks later, and it felt like I didn't have a cold at all. We watched the yearly video which Ken did a great job of and danced the night away. When it was finally time to go Susi and I ran to her car and then it happened. Bam! I went down on the ice. It didn't hurt at the time but, I sure can feel it now! The next day we suffered through a swim. Talk about punishment! We then went to spin and I had a flat. I decided it was a sign and went home to rest. Today I had a swim and run. Ang and Ken met me at the track to run and then we headed to the pool. Ken got in and Ang and I sat on the side for a few minutes. Until......we finally decided to hit the hot tub! I know! We did! We laughed and giggled as we could not believe we were skipping a workout. We usually swim in the mornings and now I know why. Well, I will take it easy for the next few days as my parents will be in town and enjoy the down time from training and hope to come back stronger after a break.

December 17, 2008

I need to figure out how to skip sleeping.......

I can't believe I haven't blogged in almost 10 days. I would be giving all my blog friends heck if they went that long. The truth is I haven't enough hours in the day lately. Training is going great which is part of it. I am hitting all of my workouts (except when the Cochrane pool closed last Friday morning, so I missed one swim) and feeling great. My workouts are going so good. I am stronger on the bike than i have ever been, and faster in the water and on the track than ever before! I just hope this trend continues.

I have not gotten much Christmas shopping in however, and I am thankful malls are open late. I think I will have to go tonight after I teach cycling. I also have to do a bunch of grocery shopping, baking, and cleaning; as my folks are coming next Tuesday. I suppose I could miss a few workouts to get this all done but, I really don't like missing workouts. If I could just figure out how to add more hours into my day by avoiding sleeping, my problems would be solved! However, we endurance athletes need our sleep!

I also wanted to share what happened at cycling last night. I rushed from work to Bow Cycle for the TTL spin. I got there with only a few minutes to spare so I rushed as I threw my bike on the trainer, got dressed and went to get on my bike. Before I did though I realized I hadn't really eaten dinner and was hungry. There was no way I could make it through the workout without food. I usually have bars, gels, and other random food in my bag. I say usually because except for tonight, I do! I searched my bag several times for an energy bar or even a gel. Nothing! I did have M & M's but, I knew they wouldn't do the trick. But, that is all I had, so I grabbed a handful and headed to my bike. A few people asked what I was doing with a big handful of M &M's. "Dinner" (with a sigh) I said. At that moment, without hesitation, Frank quickly pulled out a bar from his Bento box. "Here you go, Richelle. I also have gels if you are still hungry after the bar". WOW! I was overwhelmed that he didn't even think about it. He just handed it over the second he heard I needed something. Thank-you Frank! I really would not have gotten through that workout on an empty stomach. It would have been my own fault but it is so nice to have great friends to bail you out when you need it. And for the record, his wife is just as nice and last night we made plans to trail run this summer!

And for the record, I do plan on putting on 2 - 3 pounds in the next week! Bring on the yummy Christmas-time food! Ha!

December 7, 2008

Training update

I thought I better put in an update on my training for the past week. I did 4 bike workouts in a row! NOTE: THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED!

Monday - Ang and I ran for 1 hour and I taught Jill's evening cycling class at Tri It
Tuesday - I did a 45 minute speed work session on the treadmill and did the Bow Cycle cycling class
Wednesday - I swam in the morning and taught my usual Wednesday night cycling class at Tri It (which is starting to fill up for January session)
Thursday - Greg's cycling class; this was the first time I took Greg's class and I really liked it despite the few profanities muttered under my breath that Leslie heard. My legs were really tired and I really had to mentally push to keep up. But, I loved it! And, I also picked up a few drills I am going to incorporate into my classes. Thank-you Greg!
Friday - off (had a long day at work)
Saturday - off. I am a SLACKER! OK, we all have missed days and I usually don't miss workouts.
Sunday - 1.5 hour run on the treadmill (I wanted to get this run done outside but the snow was just too deep).

And I am feeling great! Despite that I am upset about the missed training day.

Hey Jason.....better train hard so I don't cross that finish line before you.

Team TriLife news

So many exciting things are going on with Team TriLife these days; I will give you some of the highlights.

- we are hosting an Aquathon (500m swim followed by a 5km run) in Cochrane, AB. We are currently working on securing it as the 2009 Provincial Championships! Registration will be available soon on the ATA (Alberta Triathlon Association) website.
- May Long Weekend Tri Camp in Radium. Angie and I wanted to host a camp that will accommodate not only Ironman athletes, but Half Ironman Athletes, and Olympic Distance athletes too. It is sure to be a great camp.
- Ironman Camp for 2009 has been moved to July 24 - 27. The switch is to accommodate those athletes wishing to do Ironman 70.3 Calgary on August 2nd.
- Nicole ran a great 10km last weekend at the Jingle Bell Run. Nicole is new to TTL and has some great running goals for 2009. During the run she met some other TTL athletes (thanks to our great clothing, and a very social Leslie).
- 2 more weeks of Bow Cycle spin classes. Although Angie is away this weekend, I will be leading this week. Remember on the 17th we will be heading out for a post-session celebration. We hope everyone can join us.
- We have a number of new athletes to TTL starting in January! Look forward to seeing some new faces and training partners for the new year.

That's all for now.

Train smart!

December 1, 2008

The new currency in Speed!

Media Release – December 1, 2008


33 000 000 Canadians- 600 pairs – 1 Store

Tri It Multisport in Calgary presents the Zoonie, a running shoe to honour all Canadian athletes and those who support them. The Zoonie is based on the2008 Zoot Ultra Race shoe. This ultra light, high performance, and innovative running shoe was immediately recognized in the spring of 2008 for its benefits to both runners and triathletes. Now Tri It presents its own unique version.

The Zoonie is a limited edition runner with a distinctively Canadian look. Tri It is the only store in Canada offering the Zoonie . Pre-orders for this shoe will be accepted beginning December 1 at Tri It and on its online store. The Zoonie will arrive on May 1, 2008.

Visit Tri It Multisport (2640 Parkdale Blvd. NW or to check out the Zoonie and many of our other fine products for the triathlete and the runner.

Tri It was recently voted the best store to shop in for triathlon apparel by the readers of Get Out There magazine.

November 27, 2008


Training has been going really well! Since last week I have done:

Friday: run speedwork and some strength work at the track followed by a 1 hour swim (I was very tired during the swim)
Saturday: 1 hour swim at the pool
Sunday: brick at the U of C - 1 hour bike followed by a 1/2 hour run, and strength work
Monday: rest day; I hated this day as I usually have a swim as my rest day. I was dying to get on my bike (or even my elliptical!) for just 1/2 hour but, I resisted. Seriously, what to non-triathletes do in their spare time!?
Tuesday: 45 minute treadmill run and a 1.5 hour bike at Bow Cycle
Wednesday: 1 hour swim and I taught a 1.5 hour bike at Tri It
Thursday: a 1 hour 15 minute bike followed by a 20 minute transition run - I made the mistake of wearing capri tights in -10 degrees, and got a crazy cold rash! I guess it is time to put away the capri's for awhile.

Other than that I am boring and have no new news to tell you but, I will have some exciting things next week!

November 22, 2008

Tri It now has a Blog!

Tri It now has a blog! Keep up up-to-date on all the latest happenings at your favorite triathlon store. We will have race reports from sponsored athletes and staff, local race information, training and nutrition tips, special events, product information, and more!

Check us out at:

November 19, 2008

Like the Tasmanian Devil

Is it the Tasmanian Devil off of "Loony Toons" that spins around in circles everywhere he goes? That is what I feel like these days! Don't get me wrong, life is good.....just really busy! I have to write down every thing I have to do because if I don't, I am onto the next thing and I forget what happened 5 minutes ago. I apologize to all my friends whose emails I have not returned and whose calls are still parked on voicemail. Please don't hate me; I am just really busy...Tasmanian Devil busy, actually!

On a side note, training is going great! My plantar faciitis is a tad sore but the bike is phenomenal and I had a breakthrough at swimming this morning. I was doing a set of 4 x 100's at the hardest pace I could go in the pool. I usually hit around 1:40 for this. I went on my first set and hit 1:34 (29 stroke count/lap). I couldn't believe I hit in the 1:30's. I was ecstatic! My friend Chris pointed out I was not pausing during my stroke and simply taking too many strokes. I agreed but I have always had a high stroke count. He gave me some quick pointers and I went again The sets ended up looking like this:
Set 1 - 1:34 (29 stroke count/lap)
Set 2 - 1:34 (22 stroke count/lap)
Set 3 - 1:34 (23 stroke count/lap)
Set 4 - 1:37 (23 stroke count/lap) - with a pullbuoy
I am on cloud nine and I feel like something clicked in the water today. I know I can replicate this again as I get it now.

Ok, back to whirling around I go.

November 13, 2008


How things change. I have decided that I am no longer going to do Ironman Australia. I have put my pride aside (of the fact that I have told so many people I am doing it) and listened to my wonderful coach and a few other people who I respect greatly such as Greg Bradly. Ironman is a big commitment and the chance of jeopardizing the rest of my season and burning myself out just wasn't worth it. And spending 6 hours by myself in my basement on my trainer! It is the right decision but, I am hoping to still go to Australia and do an Olympic distance race on the Gold Coast (no, not Age Group World's; although I did qualify!).

Another change is that I am now coaching a drop-in spin session on Wednesday nights at Tri It. Not everyone can commit to a weekly spin session and this gives people the opportunity to try out a spin class or sneak one in when they can.

That is about it for now. Maybe more changes to come.... guess you will have to check back!

November 11, 2008


Women’s 2007 Helix

Used 1 triathlon season

Women’s small (WS)

** size will fit a variety of sizes, from 105lbs - 135lbs

Price: $250

Let me know if you need more details, or would like to try it out:

November 6, 2008

Lesson Learned

When your coach tells you not to add should listen! I have been feeling good and chomping at the bit to do more than my wonderful coach has scheduled lately. Part of it could be that I don't know what to do with myself when I only have 1 workout in a day. So, this week almost daily I added either a bike or a run. Nothing too long really - just short workouts but adding workouts. I woke up today feeling tired. I had a brick to get done. I suffered through the bike and could not give my pedals the power that I should have. Secondly, my darn heart rate would not get to where it was supposed to! I tried but I was just too tired. I got off my bike and headed outside to get my run in. I wanted to run just 15 minutes but had to get through 45 minutes! I suffered but tried not to let it show....until... the last 20 minutes. For one all I could think about was coffee, eggs and toast, and two, I was tired! I even walked up a "hill" (it was actually more of a bump). I made my way back home and finished. For the rest of the day I have been dragging. I do know if I hadn't tried to be a rock star and ignore my coach I would be fine. Lesson learned! I plan to sleep in tomorrow and only do the workout on my calendar.

October 31, 2008

Attack of the Mini Chocolate Bars!


It is Halloween and a bunch of mini chocolate bars followed me home and jumped down my throat! This is an epidemic as it is happeneing to a few of my other friends too! I am trying to resist, but it is so hard! A strong little group of them called KitKats seem to be winning the battle agianst me! HELP!

Klutzy Richelle

I am feeling pretty well recovered from my marathon now and was starting to get back into the regular routine, starting to run pain free and push hard on the bike when something tightened in my shoulder and neck. And when I say tight I mean can hardly turn my head without pain shooting into my neck and shoulder tight! It hurts so much to look even attempt to look left; which has made driving interesting as it hurts to shoulder check.

I finally went to see my favorite chiro, Dr. Bryan Myles! I saw another chiro the other day but, nothing seemed to release or get better. I love Dr. Bryan because he "beats me up" and always manages to fix me. Seriously! And if you ever have any issues, go see him at Balanced Health & Sports Therapy. Everytime I feel pain or have an injury I go see Bryan and he always knows how to fix it. He is one of the best chiro's around. He calls me a wimp sometimes but, we both know I am tougher than the football players he treats. Anyways, back to the story. I went to see Bryan and he could tell right away I had a rip out of place. He asked me if I had fallen......hmmm....Nope. Oh wait....the other day when I was with my run clinic I dropped back to see how the girls at the back who were happily chatting were doing. I clearly didn't notice the dip in the sidewalk for someone's driveway - need i say more!? I did manage to catch myself so I didn't completely end up sprawled out on the groud, and oddly enough the next day is when the trouble with my shoulder and next appeared. Mystery solved! NOTE: Mom stop laughing - yes, I am still your klutzy daughter! Luckily, Bryan treated me and I know I will be feeling better by tomorrow or Sunday!

So training is going OK in terms of getting back to it with this little glitch. I did do my first brick in a long time the other day and it was wonderful! I love bricks! And, the Bow Cycle class is back on with Team Tri Life ( ) and I might even be teaching it this upcoming Tuesday.

October 26, 2008

New job!

After a year of managing The Tech Shop I am leaving for a new position. This was a hard decision as I love my job and adore the staff and friends I work with there. I am moving onto a new opportunity that is still within this field. I will be managing Tri-It ( I am very excited about joining the Tri-It family and managing this store. I really like the products Tri-It offers, the staff are amazingly friendly and knowledgeable, the clinics are awesome as they have great coaches who teach them, and the atmosphere of the store is fantastic (frequently a hang-out to have a cup of coffee, hear what people in the triathlon world are up to, and just talk about triathlon and running).

I will reiterate that I still fully support The Tech Shop as they too are an amazing store. It was a hard decision to make but, ultimately it is the right move for me. Thanks for all your support and those who helped me make the decision. I will be officially starting at Tri-It on November 4th! See you there!

October 19, 2008

Swim, Bike and Run!

On Thursday I got back to training! I did an easy 45 minute bike on Thursday, an easy 1/2 hour run on Friday, and an easy 2000m swim on Saturday. When I say easy, I mean easy but that is OK. It was a great way to remind myself that I am a triathlete. During the run I was so excited, I smiled the whole time. It felt so good to be back running as almost 2 weeks off was torture for me. I am excited to again have run dates with my friends (so call me if you wanna run!) and run with my run clinics at work again. I have run clinic tomorrow morning and the girls have been asking when I can run again. It has been sad that I haven't been able to run with them either as I wave good-bye and say "have a good run" on those mornings. But that is behind me now and I am back running!

Then today I had an interval bike. It was a high cadence set however, I just can't seem to push the gears or cadence that I was last year. Not that at this point in the year I should be surprised. My heart rate soared and my quads felt tight when I got off the bike. I smiled; I love that feeling! I know there are at least some of you out there reading this that do agree with me.

So, with 6 months until Ironman Australia I will slowly ramp up my training and get back to it!

October 10, 2008

No swim, no bike, no run = no fun!

Yesterday I got out my wisdom teeth. I can eat liquid foods only, and am pretty much just hanging out on the couch (and I am BORED! There is only so much TV you can watch). I am completely swollen and sore. On top of all that I have a cold! So, I guess the forced recovery from the marathon is OK. I will let me body heal completely until I get back at it - which I can't wait for!

That is all that is new with me so, no training for the next 4 or 5 days.

October 6, 2008

Portland Marathon

Me at the 26 mile mark AND me and my dad before the race.

I woke up and got ready quickly. I love race morning putting on your gear! I love the moment when you tie your shoes up - knowing you are going for a run!

Before we left I managed to eat a bit but, not what I should have. My stomach hurt and I tried hard to push it out of my mind. I am sure it was just nerves. When we got downtown I had alot of time to get ready before I had to head to the start line. I people watched for quite sometime until it was time to go. I gave a big hug and kiss to my parents and my poor dad looked like he was going to cry. I headed over to the starting chute and stood there freezing. The guy standing next to me asked if I would like his sweatshirt as we waited because it looked like I needed it more than him. I happily put it on as it took the edge off being so cold. I knew once I started running I would be OK which is why I didn't have anything with me. We stood there and talked for a bit, until the countdown started. I gave him back his sweatshirt and then the gun went off. Here we go! My first marathon!

The first part of the run was uphill and we were going fast. One part of me said to slow down and the other part said it is OK, just go with the flow. Bad choice! This was not my plan. I stuck with the 3:45 marathon group (even though 3:50 was my goal time) and was feeling great. It started to rain about 5 km in but, the temperature was perfect. As I ran along listening to my Ipod (the Portland marathon is an Ipod friendly course) I continued to feel great, loving the music I was listening to and ignoring the rain. Around the 20km mark I could feel my IT band twinge and then at the 21km mark I had to stop. Argh! I looked at my watch and it read 1:52. I was on track to my goal; slightly ahead actually. I knew the second half of the course was harder but, still confident I could reach my 3:50 marathon goal. I had to stop and stretch my IT band every kilometer but, was still running at a great pace. Then 30km came along. OK, I must have gone out too hard on the first half of the course because my legs were sore! My quads were screaming at me to stop running (along with my IT band). I managed to continue moving forward as best as I could combining running, walking and stretching. I laughed at one point as I was absolutely soaking wet. I couldn't believe how wet I was. The skies had opened up and it was like I was in the shower. There were rivers running down the sides of the streets, it became impossible to avoid the puddles, and I was absolutely soaked! Well, if I could make it through ITU World's this year in the pouring rain and cold, then I could make it through this.

With 5km to go I met another girl with major IT band issues too. We leap frogged each other the past few km's, passing each other as we stretched our IT bands. I also knew I would at least finish at this point, no matter the time! When I passed the 25 mile mark I refused to walk anymore as I wouldn't be able to get going again. I looked for my parents who promised to be at the 26 mile mark. I have never been so excited to see them! They were bursting with pride - I love my parents! I turned the corner into the final 0.2 km's and there was a huge billboard of a fat lady singing and there was opera music belting out from speakers! It was almost over! The fat lady had sung! I gave all I could into the finishing chute! As I crossed the finish line, I immediately began crying. I had done it! It was the hardest thing I had ever done and I was in pain but, I had completed my first marathon! They put the medal around my neck and I continued to cry. A nice volunteer walked me over to the medical tent where they put ice around my knee. I tried to comprehend what I had just done. I trained so hard and it always seemed so far away but, now it was over. And, I had done it!

I wondered around trying to get out of the athlete area to find my parents. When we finally found each other we immediately came home so I could eat, have an ice bath, and nap. I was doing everything I could so that I would recover as quickly as possible.

Today I am sore. My IT band hurts like heck today (along with my hamstrings and quads) and I can barely walk! But it sure was worth it! I can finally say I am a marathoner! And I plan to do more of them.

October 2, 2008

3 days to go

OK, I admit it. I am cranky! I 've got the taper "blahs". Yesterday I took the entire day off from exercising! I was more than happy to walk Kita so I could at least get moving! Today I got to go for a short run. My legs felt heavy but, my watch and foot pod said otherwise (which I was happy and relieved about). Jeff and I ran errands and went for coffee which lifted my spirits to spend some time with him. He has been brilliant and patient with putting up with me. Then one of my athletes, whom I saw yesterday, called today to tell me she had a violent stomach flu! OMG! I really hope I do not get it!

I leave tomorrow for Portland to run the famous Portland Marathon. Thanks for all the well wishes and support! I feel like no matter what I do on that course, I have so many loving friends who will be happy for me. It makes it a little less scary!

And, as you can tell by the clock below, yes, I am doing Ironman Australia. The only reason I agreed to this madness is so Carole who is living in Brisbane, and I can spend some quality time together and finally get to race together. It is crazy! I do not deny that for a second! And, I do realize there will be many, many , many hours on the trainer but, I will call upon you all to come for a ride. I figure when I am doing 6 hours on the trainer, I can convince several people to come at different times of the day to get me covered. Ha! Well, that is the plan; we will see if it works out.

OK, off to bed early (but not before Grey's Anatomy) as I am very tired and have a 6am flight to catch!

September 25, 2008

I'm a triathlete again! (almost)

Over the past month I have felt more like a runner than a triathlete leading up to this marathon. I am 10 days out now! Today a few of us met for an early morning run around Cochrane and then Ang and I hit the pool. I love multi-sport workouts! I was exhausted, but happy. It felt great to be back in the pool after a month hiatus (the pool was shutdown for annual cleaning). Being back in the pool mentally was great, however, my body was not so sure. My shoulders got tired quick and as Ang pointed out before we got in, I have lost some bulk on my shoulders (darn! I worked hard for that!). I do have no doubt though, that it will come back quickly and that in just a few workouts I will not feel so laboured in the water.

With 10 days to go to the marathon I am now obviously in taper mode! I seem to be forever hungry and on Sunday, immediately after my run, I ate: 3 bowls of cereal, 1 cup of yogurt and 1 pita pizza that I had made the night before! I think my husband is starting to worry I have taken up power eating in place of triathlon. For those of you that are reading this that have trained for a marathon before, YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME! HA! HA! I just can't believe the bottomless pit I have become and I looking forward to getting back to normal. The good news is that I have not gained weight and am leaner than I have ever been before!

September 23, 2008


I often get asked when is the best time of the day to train? Is it better to swim in the morning and run at night? Is it better to do my long runs on Saturday or Sunday? Well, the answer is actually quite simple. The best time of the day (or day) to train is the time and day that works best for you. Just get it done!

Happy Training!

September 15, 2008


Well, yesterday was my last really long run before my marathon. I only have 22km to run next Sunday (not sure when 22km became "only"! Hmmm....).

I had decided to wait until around 10:30am - 11am to start as it has been a bit chilly lately. However, as luck would have it as I stepped outside and looked at the temperature, 20 degrees I was a bit worried. Maybe I should have paid closer attention to the weather report! As I ran, I wound all around Cochrane in different neighborhoods. I had downloaded some new music too and have been loving Podrunner (DJ Steve Boyett) as it helps pass the time on these incredibly long runs.

At the 18km mark, I was passed by about 30 kids on bikes and realized the Terry Fox run was coming along that very path. I quickly found an exit off that trail and into a subdivision I could meander around in. It was so hot but I couldn't help enjoy it, realizing these days will be few and far between shortly. At the 28km mark I was out of water and extremely thirsty. I couldn't bare to go another 4km without water! I ran past a friend's house (who should remain nameless) and knocked on the door. I was excited for water! So excited! But there was no answer. I think my eyes filled with tears. I paused for a moment and turned the door knob. YES!!!!! I ran into the house, filled up 2 of my bottles, and chugged a glassful and went back out to face the final 4km of my run. THANK-YOU ________!!!!!! I ran around the neighborhood and finished the last few hundred meters mid-way up the Bonus Hill. I luckily finished right outside the convenience store right below my house so I walked in, bought an ice cream bar, and walked the rest of the Bonus Hill while happily eating my ice cream!!! 32km, I thought. I can suffer through another 10km in 3 weeks - it might not be pretty, but I know I can do it!

September 3, 2008

Tigger's "Kick that Cancer" Hoedown

Come kick up your heels for Terry!

An amazing silent auction, “toonie bar”, dancing and more!

September 27th, 2008
Frank Wills Memorial Hall 7:00 p.m.

Tickets: $5
(Tickets available at door unless we pre-sell them all which is what we’re hoping to do!)

For more information, contact Richelle:
To donate items for the silent auction please contact Angie at

Just a few of the silent auction items we have thus far:

$300 bike fit from Luke Way
T3 Suunto watch and HR monitor
Deluxe Race Entry for Great White North Triathlon
Please note: This item will be auctioned off via email. The auction will close Saturday, September 13th.
Pamper yourself basket
Deluxe picnic set
A women’s executive bag
Crystal Glass and decanter set
Teak Tea Box

… And HOPEFULLY much more!

Come to laugh, dance, have a cocktail or two, and buy some really great stuff to help our Tigger.

This is Tigger’s second bout of cancer in 2 years. She survived the first one, and we know she’ll “kick” this on too.

Terry’s words… “Screw the cancer. I have way too many things to do yet !!!!”

September 1, 2008

Dodging bears and parades!

Today I had a 32km run to get done. OK, I admit it - I was supposed to do it yesterday but unlike Susi, Ken and Phil I wasn't willing to face that temperature and rain quite yet this fall. As I headed out on my run I was stopped by a gentleman a few meters outside my front door. There had a bear sighting in the area! "But I have a 32km run!" I whined to the kind man whom I had never met (oops). He recommended that I stick to neighborhoods and main roads (he said if I saw the bear I could jump over a fence. Hmmm.......OK! And off I went. I stuck to main roads and avoided the pathways (darn, I love running the pathways in Cochrane on my long run days). I headed downtown Cochrane and saw alot of horses and parade floats. Crap! The Labour Day parade! I hit some side streets and managed to avoid the parade and most of the crowds. As I past by some parade go-ers though I did get a few odd looks. I was the only person not dressed in Western wear as the Cochrane Rodeo was on this weekend.

The run went fairly well but I did have some IT band tightness and managed to run only until 26km and walked the rest. Augh! This is frustrating as last weekend I had run 30km with no issues. This is all apart of training for a marathon though. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body. As I walked up the "bonus hill" my friend Jonathan, who is an amazing runner and triathlete, came bounding up the hill beside me. He was on a long run too. He looked so strong and I wished I could take some energy (and running ability) for myself.

When I got home and made sure I stretched (after my new favorite post-run snack, PowerBar Creamy Chocolate Recovery Shake). We are all guilty of not stretching after we swim, bike and run but, if you commit to it you will help ward off some of those annoying injuries.

August 26, 2008

Cheering on Ironman 2008

This weekend I went to Penticton to cheer on Team TriLife members during their IMC. It was a blast! Everyone did so well and came across the finish line vertical - and smiling! I got emotional a few times as certain people came across the finish line. Because I have been training with them I know how hard they have worked. I volunteered as finish line catcher and was able to "catch" many TTL athlete's and other friends. I loved seeing them right after they raced. If you ever are in Penticton watching the race, I highly recommend volunteering as a finish line catcher. I had a BLAST!!!!!! We danced, cheered and celebrated with the athlete's. I met some amazing people too! It was so much fun! (Check out: ). Lyle, the coordinator is super awesome and so much fun! He was dancing around with us!
Anyway, everyone I knew who raced was in great spirits and nobody seemed to be medically in trouble after they raced (although Cindy was acting like she was drunk and was being really funny!). I am so proud of everyone who reached their goals and made it through the 140.6 miles of swimming, biking and running. Way to go!

And yes, I was also there to sign-up for Ironman 2009! August 30th, 2009 on your calendars and I will see you in Penticton next year!

August 20, 2008

Canadian National Triathlon Championships

I had a great time in Kelowna over the past 5 days. My best friend, Leslie is one of the most amazing people I know. She and her sister Heather (who I have totally adopted as my own) took such good care of me it was overwhelming. They cooked me great meals, ran errands with me and were the best damn cheerleaders during the race. I should also mention Jae (Leslie's boyfriend) who was also there taking great care of me and cheering as well.

The first 2 - 3 days I was in Kelowna before the race I spent time with Angie and the Team Alberta junior elite's. What an amazing group of kids! They are so talented and just genuinely nice kids. This was great but standing on my feet all day in the sun the day before the race (and getting sun burnt) was less than ideal!

The morning of the race I was not feeling well and my stomach was pretty upset. I made several trips to the bathroom which was almost good as it kept me occupied until my 9am start. My group usually starts around 7:30am so I was shocked to be so late. I was slightly nervous as heading into the race I was determined to place top 10 in my age group and to qualify for the World Triathlon Championships again. I was also nervous as it had been almost 3 years since I had done an Olympic distance tri. My goals for this race were:
1. Top 10 finish
2. Run a 47 - 48 minute 10km

The gun went off and I ran into the water with the other 100 women. There was alot of contact through the first lap and I tried not to get frustrated. On the second lap we caught up to the slower men in the heat before us and I let myself become frustrated at one point as a girl who was drafting off me kept hitting my toes. It is important not to invest any emotional energy on the swim, which I focused on during the last 1/2 of the second lap. When I hit the swim exit I ran up the ramp looking at my watch; it said 28 minutes - I was a little upset as I was hoping to come out in 26 minutes but considering this was my first non-wetsuit swim I knew I would be a bit slower.

I flew through transition onto the bike. On the first of 3 laps my legs felt tired and there were alot of girls who were a bit too close behind me for what I like. I continued to hammer as hard as I could. When I went to get my gel taped to my bike, I accidentally ripped both off. Crap! I ate one and held onto the other. What am I supposed to do now? I slowed up for a bit, peeled the tape off my bike best I could, attempted to tape the gel shut, shoved it in my bra (hoping it would not leak), and hoped I could make up the time I slowed up. The rest of the bike felt good and Leslie continued to yell out my lap times and told me to hurry up, and I finally started to pass the strong swimmers.

When I came into transition I had to do a double take at the bike racks. There were 2 other bikes in my age group. What!? I threw my bike, put on my SkirtSports race belt skirt, put on my shoes and ran! As I rounded the corner out of transition I saw so many people that had come out to cheer me on. So overwhelming! I then saw Leslie with a bright pink sign that read "Run B*tch Run". I laughed.

The run was hard and I was tired. Between the 3km and 4km mark close to 5 girls in my age group passed me. I was worried and did my best over the next 6km to hang on. I doused myself with water every chance I could. I knew I was not running as hard as I could but I just didn't have it in me at that time. I pushed to keep one of the girls in my sight and crossed the line in 2:33:35. My run time was a disappointing 51:08. I did however place 8th, qualifying for the 2009 World Triathlon Championships.

August 13, 2008

The cat is out of the bag!

I figured I better tell everyone what is going on before you hear it from somewhere else.

Last night Angie did announce that yes, I will be joining Team Tri Life as a coach. I will continue to train and race with Team Tri Life as well but, will move into a coaching capacity immediately following Ironman Canada.

More details to follow about this very exciting role!

August 12, 2008

Strathmore Women's Triathlon

The Strathmore Women's Triathlon is my favorite race ever! It has the absolute best atmosphere of any other race I have ever done. It is a sprint triathlon with a 500m pool swim, 20km bike and a 5km run. I have done this race before and because I swim a bit faster I am usually in the last heat. Waiting around I usually end up getting a bit nervous (and bored) so this year I decided to volunteer as the swim captain. What I did was work in the pool all morning getting the girls organized and sent in their heats, and then when the last girl went I quickly changed and got in the pool myself to do the race. What an amazing experience as I volunteer I had! I loved seeing everyone and drawing of the excited energy. Now, if you have never been to or done an all girls race, I highly recommend it. It is so much fun - and NO BOYS! It is our day!

The morning went quickly and I had a great time cheering on the girls from the pool deck. I unfortunately did not get to see the action outside on the bike and run but, I was really having fun on the pool deck! Ther were a lot of high-5's, smiles and cheers!

When the last group of girls was set to go, I handed the swim captain duties over to my friend Ali, quickly got changed, and went over to the timing mat. I crossed and jumped into the water. I counted my laps and they went by fairly quickly. I felt a bit heavy due to the bagel I had eaten only a 1/2 hour before but, considering I have only swam about 5 or 6 times since my 1/2 Ironman at the beginning of July it was a great swim.

I came out of the water (last of course) and I got a huge cheering from all the wonderful volunteers I had worked with that morning. When I ran out to transition I easily found my bike as many girls were done the race and had removed their gear from transition. I grabbed my bike and headed out to the highway. On the way out it is down hill and I had a great tailwind. I was flying and wanted to try to catch as many girls on the bike as I could. The way back was slightly harder but, I was still feeling great and was having so much fun going so fast. YEah all teh training on the bike is really paying off . When I rounded the corner back to transition I could hear Angie screaming about how she couldn't believe how fast I was. I was happy and feeling great!

I flew through transition and headed out for the run. My friend Leo ran along the side of the course for the first kilometer and cheered me on. I was going at a great pace, with a high turn-over and was passing as many girls as I could. I could see my teammate Karen up ahead and my goal was to catch her. At the turn-around however,Karen saw me and saw that I was less than 100m back of her and she really turned on the jets (I knew that would happen once she saw me! Karen and I are great for each other as we really push each other during training and racing - and she is incredibly nice! I couldn't ask for a better training buddy).

As I hit the 3km mark a bad side stitch hit me (damn bagel!). I tried to maintain pace and luckily still continued to pass girls that had started ahead of me on the swim and who I knew were my biggest competition. At the 3.5km point Leo reappeared and started to run and yell (in a cheering way) at me. I hurt so bad by the 4km mark I stopped and hunched over. Leo urged me on and I felt like someone had stabbed me in the ribs. "Just around the corner and you're done!" he yelled. "Liar" I yelled back (I was standing right beside the 4km marker!). He then told me I had passed all but 1 girl who was ahead of me and I was in contention for 2nd place overall. I tried to push as hard as I could but, my body was screaming at me. AS I got closer to the finish line Angie was screaming at me to run faster and I did all I could to go faster. I crossed the finish line in 1:09:17 - accomplishing my goal of finishing sub 1:10!

At the end of the day I had a great experience! I told Deanne who is the race director that I will be back next year as swim captain. As for my results, I did finish second overall! I came first in my age category and had the fastest bike split of the day. This helps boost my confidence heading into Nationals next week.

August 4, 2008

A Good Training Weekend

Lindsay arrived at 9am to head out for a ride. I was ready to go except...... I still had to walk Kita so she didn't go crazy while we were gone. So, in our bike gear we took her on a long walk which she loved. We got some great looks from people on the pathways, but Kita didn't seem to care what we were wearing and enjoyed being on the walk with us.

When we finally headed out, we headed out on my favorite ride, HorseCreek road out to Bottrel. The ride to Bottrel is so beautiful and fairly traffic free - which gives you a chance to visit and ride without too many worries. On the hill down to Bottrel I got a little excited and got my bike up to 64.9km/hr!!!! So much fun!!! We then hit 22X and followed it back to Cochrane. We were at about 70km and still needed to ride another 30km. So we actually headed back onto HorseCreek as to avoid the busy highways.

I was a little cold as I was wearing just a tank top and tri shorts and it was very windy and overcast (in fact I am pretty sure I had goosebumps the entire ride). Then I started to feel shaky. I thought I was just getting colder but as my cadence slowed and Lindsay thanked me for slowing down I realized I was incredibly hungry (all I had had for breakfast was coffee and 1 gel on the ride in 75km! Oops!) I downed a Powerbar which had never tasted so good! In a few kilometers I finally started to feel a bit better. We finished up the final 25km and I introduced Lindsay to "the bonus hill" (Susi and I live at the top of Bow Ridge so the only way home after a long ride is to go up it! Susi and I like to say we get extra training than all our friends who live at the bottom of the hill. Hence, "the bonus hill").

When we got inside we quickly set to work making a huge batch of spaghetti which we ate immediately. We then showered, walked Kita, and decided we were still hungry. We headed to MacKay's for ice cream and then headed to Coto for sushi. Yes, we were very hungry! When we got home we watched a movie and were both in bed by 9pm. What a great day!

We woke up early and made sure we ate a good breakfast. Lindsay's friend, Kyle would arrive at 9am and we wanted to be ready when he got there. We of course were not, and we both scrambled to hurry up when Kyle and his friend Jeff, got there. I decided to dress warmer today as it was overcast and I was sure we would get rained on. When we flew down "the bonus hill" I said to Lindsay "How about 60km and a movie instead?". It was freezing! As we climbed out of Cochrane towards Bragg Creek we did warm up and I was glad I was dressed alot warmer. We made it to Bragg Creek fairly quickly and all agreed we would do the full 100km today as it wasn't as cold as it had been initially. We decided to go to Priddis and back. There are some great hills out to Priddis but after riding with all that traffic - I'm sticking to Horse Creek. The highways are just too scary!

We made it to Priddis and when we turned around our hearts sank - the sky was dark black. It looked as though the last 40-50km of our ride would be quite wet. We zoomed back and took no breaks so we could get home ASAP. None of us wanted to get wet. We made it Bragg Creek and and were relieved we still didn't feel rain. We of course did not stop and I knew that we only had 30km to go - PLEASE no rain! I got out a gel ripped off the top and before I thought to get it to my lips I squeezed. Gel all over my aerobars! I'm an idiot! We quickly stopped while I "washed" my bike and kept the pace back home.

We all smiled when we pulled into the driveway - dry! Yeah! No sooner had the boys pulled away and Lindsay and I had raided to pantry did the rain come. Wow! We got lucky.

Lindsay headed back to Calgary (after we ate everything we could in the pantry) and I showered, walked Kita, made banana bread, did laundry, tidied the house and then say on the couch where I didn't move for 2 hours. I was again in bed early.

I was up early today to head out for my 28km run. I struggled to hold pace through most of the run as I am sure riding 200km this weekend took something out of me (as much as I would not like to admit it). Unfortunately at the 17.5km mark my ITband decided it had enough. I limped through the next .5km and decided I would save the last 10km for after work.

Work was slow and I wanted desperately to be at home playing with Kita in the yard and taking her to the dog park, and finishing my run. My IT band ached all day so I decided to call Angie and let her know about my weekend and ITband. I asked if I should maybe just do the elliptical after work instead of run the 10km. She asked me to rest and ice both my ITband and my foot (yes, my plantar facsiitis is screaming at me right now). So, I sit, type and ice my foot and knee. Good thing I have an appointment with Dr. Myles tomorrow morning. I hope he can fix me! Damn body!

August 3, 2008

Ironman 70.3 Calgary

As many of know Ironman 70.3 Calgary was announced this week ( . At first, I had to think about it interfering with my plans for Ironman Canada next year. In the span of 3 days I was doing it, then I wasn't, then I was, then I wasn't, etc. Well, the final verdict is.................that I could not pass up the chance to race this inaugural race right in my backyard! I know some of you reading are saying "AW Richelle, what are you thinking!?" But, I thought about it, talked it over with several people and when it came down to it I was not missing this opportunity. Even Jeff, my husband is urging me to do it and didn't think I should pass up this opportunity. I might be a bit tired for Ironman Canada, but that is my choice. I think this will be a great race!

July 31, 2008


I have been finding it hard to get my swims in opting for a run, elliptical or bike session. Maybe I should be a duathlete? I have only swam twice since GWN! Opps! I do love swimming but biking and running have just sounded way more exciting lately. I still have 2 triathlons left; Strathmore Women's Triathlon and the Kelowna Apple Triathlon (this year it will be the Canadian National Triathlon Championships) - and yes those do invlove swimming. I better get my butt in the pool so, if anyone wants a "swim date" - I need one!

I have been loving my marathon training. I am still over 2 months away until the big day, but I am so excited about it. I saw Dr. Myles this week and he is happy with how my muscles have learned to "fire" with me doing all those lunges. However, my planta fasciitis has flared up again in a big way. Dr. Myles sent me for x-rays and we did see heel spurs on the films. Augh! It is very frustrating when you are trying to train for a marathon! As I sit here typing, I am icing my foot to try to calm down the inflamation.

This weekend my friend Lindsay and I are going to have "Linday and Richelle's Training Weekend". More details to follow but if you are looking to get some big rides in (long and slow) around 120km come join us.

July 23, 2008

Tired Legs

Today, my legs are tired!

I saw a new chiropractor on Monday, Dr. Myles (Scott was booked!). He really worked on releasing my lower back and glute muscles. I am used to getting IMS and ART and being in alot of pain when I leave - this is a good thing though! Monday however, he did some ART in my glutes and IMS on my lower back and I didn't feel like he worked me too hard as I left. I was a little concerned....until I woke up the next day! I could feel it! Yeah! Usually, when I "feel it" that means we have released something and things start to feel better! Well, it worked as I ran last night and my IT-band was pain free!

Dr. Myles also has me doing lunges in some different planes - the goal being to strengthen my weak glutes enough so my IT-band doesn't have so many issues. So, after months of not doing any type of strength work, I started doing lunges and 1-leg squats in an effort to get my legs stronger and hopefully, injury free! So yesterday when I woke up although my legs felt slightly tired (and sore) I added a workout to my schedule. I did an hour on the elliptical (with some elevation on the elliptical) followed by another round of strength work. My legs definately felt that.

Well, last night I went to my regularily scheduled workout with Team TriLife. Angie (my coach) gave us one of the harest workouts in her repitoir. The workout is one of my favorites as it is so hard - even though I tell her I hate it! Unfortunately because of everything from Monday and that morning, I SUFFERED though the workout. We started off with a 2km run followed by, 3 x (6km HARD bike with 2km HARD run off the bike). The bike was the hardest for me as my quads and glutes just wouldn't let me pedal as hard as I wanted to. Let's just say last time we did this workout I pushed so hard I puked! I backed it off a bit today simply because I could only push as hard as my legs allowed.

So, needless to say, MY LEGS ARE TIRED!

July 18, 2008

Great White North 1/2 Ironman

I arrived at the race site with only about an hour until the start of the race. The sky was overcast and I just knew I would be racing in the rain today (it is not like I am not used to it!). Although it wasn't raining now it had just stopped and the clouds looked like they had more rain to offer. As I racked my bike in transition it was clear I was behind schedule! Augh! I hate being late! I quickly set up my bike and bike gear and went to throw my run bag into the truck that would take my run gear to T2. I went about doing all I had t do (including the 1/2 hour wait in the bathroom line-up) and before I knew it, Steve King was telling athletes to go warm-up. I scrambled to put on my wetsuit and stuff my warm-up gear into my bag. My friend, Toni told me she would take care of it and to just get going. So I did. That's when it hit me. I am 10 minutes away from my first 1/2 Ironman.

I saw my teammate Josi and started to cry (some of you are surprised right now and others....not so much). I headed down to the beach tears streaming down my face. I couldn't believe how scared I was. I was scared I wouldn't finish for one, but I was more scared of disappointing everyone with my time. I really wasn't that concerned with time but so many had wondered and asked me what time I would do it in. And that completely scared me - other's expectations. I managed to hop in the water and get a 5 minute swim in. My nerves calmed a bit and a friend and I headed over to the swim start. Our friends yelled from the sides as we walked over and we smiled and waved for numerous pictures.I ran into all sorts of friends and training partners once I hit the beach. Many hugs and good luck wishes were given to each other. I was starting to get excited. There was alot of positive energy all around. I saw another teammate (Karen) and went over to her as I knew she was nerveous too; we joined hands and as the gun went off we slowly walked into the water together.

Before I knew it I was on my way.Now the thing I had been most scared about was getting clobbered in the swim. Surprisingly, I did not get hit as much as I had thought. I stayed relaxed and tried to lengthen my glide best I could. Before I knew it I hot the beach of the 2 lap course. When I came out to run around the buoy, I smiled and waved at a few frinds standing on the beach. What! Was I having fun!!? You bet! The second lap was great too. I did get stuck behind a few slower swimmers, but I reminded myself a few seconds slower on the swim would not affect my overall day. I popped up onto the beach after the second lap and ran towards transition. I saw I had done it in 36 minutes. A minute slower than expected, but who cares! I did it!!!!! I grabbed my bike in transition and headed onto the bike course.

I always love the bike (baring no mechanical issues that is) and settled into a great pace. The rain pelted my arms and it hurt for a bit until it settled down to a steady down pour. I just kept riding. The bike seemed to go by so quick and I just stayed calm, on pace and watched my heart rate. Around the 35km point I heard a clicking. I looked down and my cadence sensor was dangling from my bike. I stopped, pulled it off, threw it into my Bento box and started riding again. Major catastrophe averted!!!!!! I continued to feel good, including up the hills and felt strong (I have no doubts climbing Cochrane hill every week helped me here). I waved and yelled encouragement at my teammates who were still heading out to the turn-around as I was very excited to see them on the course. It made me feel as if I was not alone. Some say triathlon is an individual sport and I guess that is true but with a team like Team TriLife, you are in it together. Working together and cheering each other on - you are never alone on that course! The last 20km of the bike were a bit tougher on my quads as they started to feel a bit fatigued. I did my best to stay in a gear that I could keep my legs turning over at a high RPM in an effort to not further tire my legs. As I hit town I knew I was ahead of where I thought I would be coming off the bike. I realized that once I left transition I would have about 2 hours to do the 1/2 marathon to reach my secret goal of 5:30. I was still a bit skeptical I could do it, and had to remind myself my goal today was to simply finish. Angie saw me as I came of the bike and I knew whe would be surprised to see me there already. "How fast did you do that?". I knew she would think I went to hard and I didn't want to worry her but, I finally replied "2:44 ride time". She was so excited and kept telling me to hurry up with my running shoes. I hurried as fast as I could trying to make sure I had everything I needed before I left transition.

I started on the run and within the first km, found myself catching some of the boys who had passed my on the bike. I wasn't moving as fast as I normally would run, but I was moving! I knew ther were girls in front of me who I wanted to catch but, I reminded myself to be patient and stick to my pace. One girl, and then another, and another. I continued to move through the field passing a number of male and female competitors. And the best part....I was feeling great! I was happy with the pace I had chosen and was sticking to it. The fact it was a loop course I loved seeing my teammates and cheering each other on as we passed. I also appreciated the comments from other competitors on how strong and comfortable I looked as I ran. I mainly looked at my heart rate and a bit at my pace. I finally gave myself permission to look at the time at the 11km mark. If I stuck to my pace I knew I could realistically do a 5:20, 1/2 Ironman. I reminded myself that that was not my goal. My goal was to finish, and preferably finish happy - whatever the clock said this time didn't matter. I continued to run as strong as I could. Around the 15km mark I got hungry......I already had 2 gels and I was wishing I hadn't have left the 3rd gel I had packed in T2! Darn! Lesson learned! I promised my stomach I would eat alot when I finished. At the 17km mark my IT band twinged. I stopped a stretched a few times over the next 2 km to help relieve the pain. When I saw my buddy Luke at the 19km sign and he reminded me (loudly and with a cow bell) I had 2 km to go. At the 20km mark I stopped and walked. I knew there was only 1 km left but I was so hungry and my quads ached! The thought of another km did not appeal to me. The wonderful volunteer directing traffic urged me on.

When I finally turned the second last corner I could see the Cochrane crew standing on the side of the road, and I knew they would cheer me in. As I got closer though it was apparent that because I was not wearing my Team TriLife colors (I was wearing my sponsor gear from Polar) they didn't recognize me. "Hey Cochrane! What, no cheers?" I yelled. They all looked and immediately a burst of cheers came to help me get through the last 300m! (Thank-you guys!!!!). Angie ran into the street and started to run with me. "What the hell are you doing here?" she looked at me and then her watch. I shrugged and continued to run. She was still screaming about how fast I was. I then couldn't help myself "Am I gonna break 5:20?" I hesitantly asked. She told me it was 5:15! I couldn't believe it. She gave me a high five and told me to run faster. I ran in for a 5:16:01 finish! When I crossed the line and received my "Survivor" medal from the fabulous race director, Wade. I was so happy; I had accomplished my goal (and then some!). I grabbed one of the famous non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiris that athletes get at the GWN triathlon, waited for a few of my friends who I knew were close behind me to cross the finish line, and then went to cheer the rest of my teammates in. I knew how awesome it felt to receive those cheers in the final few hundred meters!

Thank-you Coach Angie!
Thank-you Team TriLife members - you are all amazing!
Note: For those of you who have never done this race, this was hands down the best race I have ever been to. It was a fabulous course, so well organized and the volunteers absolutely amazing.

July 17, 2008

First Blog Post

I just realized my website address ( expires next month! I searched for other options (ie. less expensive ones!) and I realized I could use this.

I oficially have just over 30 days until the Kelowna Apple triathlon! I am racing the Olympic distance again this year. My initial goal was to qualify for the 2009 ITU World Triathlon Championships in Australia but, after realizing that the race would be less than 2 weeks after Ironman Canada 2009 my coach said I had to make a decision. I chose Ironman. I will however, still race Kelowna as hard as I can.