January 11, 2010


Yesterday was a huge success as Tri It held their 2nd annual spin-a-thon. The spin-a-thon is a 6 hour spin with all proceeds raised from registration fees and silent auctions going to help local triathletes achieve their goals. Many pro triathletes do not make a tonne of money as triathlon does not pay out like some other professional sports. And as many of you know, triathlon is an expensive sport. With funds like this, Janelle and Jordan can help pay of some of their mounting expenses and focus on training.

There were over 80 riders throughout the day. We also had many wonderful friends, triathletes and other supports stop in to say HI throughout the day!

The day was a huge success and everyone had a alot of fun while riding (sessions led by Luke Way, Janelle Morrison and Jordan Bryden. Also lots of social time with a DJ, and watching the Ironman and Xterra World Championships on the big screen.

Here are some of the amazing women I am lucky enough to coach! (far right is Terry and in the middle is Maureen). They had a blast and spent longer on their trainers than they ever have before! "IWHBIDI" was proclaimed.

Good luck this season Jordan and Janelle! We are all behind you 100%!

January 8, 2010

The Team TriLIfe Torch Bearer

This is one of the athlete's I lucky enough to coach - Cindy. Cindy had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch. Cindy carried the torch on December 27th in Ontario. I don't think the smile on her face could get any bigger (although Cindy later told me she was laughing and crying at the same time!). Congratulations Cindy!

January 4, 2010

But I can't!

Well, today was the official start of me being back in the pool. I have been biking like crazy, running a little, and swimming...well...I have only swam 4 or 5 times since Ironman in August. So after my run this morning I headed to the pool. I decided to do an easy technique focused workout to get me used to being back in the water. After about 200m I realized I had skipped breakfast and a post-run snack and was freakin' hungry. I know better than that too! I decided I would suck it up for the rest of the hour and get it done though.

Then, Angie showed up (insert evil villain music here). She swam for a bit and then informed me that we would be doing 10 x 100 on 2 minutes. "I CAN'T!!" I protested. "NOOO!" I exclaimed and whined. "I have to finish the workout I started". But nothing worked. I was doing them; she had her mind made up. "Stay on my toes" she said - HA!!! Good luck! I thought. I managed to stay on her toes for the first 25m of each 100m. She dragged me to a 1:36 on our first one which I knew was too fast. I decided to slow it up or I would blow up at 500m. The next 9 were all 1:45 - 1:50 which is slower than I normally am but, was happy with considering how much swimming I had done over the last 4 months. And got it done.

Today was one of those times where I thought I couldn't do something, but I did it. Even though it hurt and it wasn't ideal, I got through something I actually didn't think I could do. I will admit that between almost every 100 (when I could actually breathe) I complained how hungry I was. Angie told me to suck it up each time and I did.

Now go do something you don't think you can do.