July 29, 2010

In the Cochrane Eagle - again!

Made it to the Cochrane Eagle again! Thanks to Kelvin for the great photo from GWN and letting them use it.

July 25, 2010

24 Hours of Adrenaline

The Trailstars composed of myself and 4 other wonderful women set off to race the 5 person - female category at the 2010 24 Hours of Adrenaline in Canmore this weekend.

Lap 1 (12pm Saturday) - The race starts at 12pm on Saturday and it is the first lap of the day. It starts with a Lemans start the consists of running almost a kilometer in your bike gear (shoes and helmet included!) and then back to your bike to head out on your lap. The run was OK. I felt slow but knew I would get people on the bike. The first lap I pushed hard but there was a lot of congestion on the course so there was alot of waiting on hills and my heart rate dropping to recovery before the "log jam" as they call it moved on. This is the advantage of being a good starting in mountain biking - you avoid the log jams! I am far better at technical down than climbing which also tripped me up on the first lap as I could not go as fast I would have liked on the downs. In any event, with 5km to go we finally got spaced out and I rode near one of Jeff's friend's, JF and we had a blast pushing each other to the finish. Lap 1 = 1:20

Between laps I socialized, wandered around and helped Jan (Luke's mom) do feeds for Luke.

Lap 2 (7:30 pm Saturday) - Lap 2 I headed out feeling strong again. Bear had been reported on the course so I was a bit nervous as I thought they would not be around with so many people out there. Fairly clear trails so I pushed hard on the ups, rocked the downs and got a great compliment from a strong rider as he passed me going into the biathlon stadium after a technical down. He said "Girl, you got mad skills". It made my day! Lap 2 - 1:10

After lap 2 I ate some lasagna someone brought by, got all my bike lights on for my night ride and laid out my gear/clothing for my next lap. And then, crawled into my sleeping bag.

Lap 3 (2:55am Sunday) - after dozing in and out of consciousness and constantly hearing the calls in for bear sightings (we were camped beside a checkpoint/water station and I could hear the radio - and bikes buzzing by; and "water? Gu?" being yelled) I decided to get up and get ready for my lap. I suddenly realized I didn't have much time. I quickly got changed and headed up to check in for my lap. I was tagged off and away I went with my Seca 900 Lumen light and headed out on course. I had to stop about 3 km in and tighten my light system as it wanted to wander and not point on the trail. I then headed off again. I then started to feel hungry. When did I eat last? Crap! I grabbed the 1 gel I had with me and ate it. I had to stop to do this as it was so dark I couldn't ride and eat in the night light - even with my kick ass light as at night your balance is not as good as it is in the day. I was riding slow and I was hungry, I felt it. I hoped the gel would kick in soon. Luke rode by me and was sightly incoherent but managed to give some advice on adjusting my pro pedal. I wasn't sure if he was "all there" as some of his words were slurred (yours would be too after 15 hours of riding) but, advice coming from Luke is always good. I pushed on but my stomach continued to growl. Why didn't I bring more food!? I did not feel strong and rode with a much lower heart rate and made some silly technical errors. I also had to laugh at myself as I was nervous at some points because of the bear and found mysef riding alone and sang loudly "Hey bear! Go away! You don't want to eat me today!" At one technical spot I ran into a guy without a light so I rode behind him so he could see with my light. He was grateful. I was happy I was riding near someone else. I felt demolished last 3 km which was all uphill and I was just so hungry. Stupid mistake of not bringing enough food with me! Lap 3 = 1:25

Immediately after finishing my 3rd lap, I walked to Luke's tent/camp and begged for food from his mom. Scarfed down some food and headed straight to bed. However, heard radio going all night of all mechanical problems riders were having and kept waking up to text the next rider up to make sure they would be there on time. Felt like longer but after just 3 hours of "sleep" I got up and headed to see how Luke was doing. He was in 4th when I went to bed but had ridden into 2nd place! I then got coffee and food into me and got ready for my and the team's final lap.

Lap 4 (11am Sunday) - we had all ridden 3 laps and we had time for 1 more and I really wanted to go out there and giver'. I was tired and not feeling great but, funny thing is whenever I have felt this way this season I have a great race. I headed out after the first hill I really was feeling great! I was really just dying to go throw 1 more lap on my bike! OK time to push. My legs felt a bit heavy for sure but, I gave it all I had and sucked it up! Lap 4 = 1:15

It was a great weekend in the sun! Our team got 6th in our category and had a blast doing it! TriWay coach Luke Way took home 2nd place in solo male! And I am thinking maybe solo next year.....

July 20, 2010

The Cochrane Eagle

I made the local newspaper! This is from my race on Sunday.


I want to race - video

Simon Whitfield posted this. It will PUMP YOU UP!!!!!!!


Pace Strategies for Race Day | Active.com

Check out this article on racing zones and warm up:

Wednesday July 21st bike practice

Hey gang!

We are at Edworthy again this week! Yeah hills! I have to leave a bit early so I would like to meet earlier this week (5:30pm) and head to the hill right away. If you cannot make it on time, or miss the group, do not stress and just come to the hill when you can get there. Smiling faces will await you!

See you then!

July 14, 2010

Change of Plans - July 14th ride

Meet at Edworthy Park (meet by the cafe) at 6:15pm and we will head for the hills! Bring your shoes.

July 10, 2010

Ride - Wednesday July 14th

Yes, I know it is Stampede but given the choice over riding or Stampede I will choose riding everytime! Very informal training session as I know many plan to attend Stampede. Meet in Bearspaw at the Lions Clubs (where we normally meets). See you there at 6:15pm.

July 8, 2010

July 4th Racing Updates

Another fabulous weekend of racing!

Denise - Denise raced her first ever Olympic distance triathlon in Canmore this weekend. Despite deciding to sign up 5 days in advance she became ill 2 days out and like the trooper she is, still raced (and in the 13 degree Quarry Lake)! She had a great day and now has some experience in the Olympic distance which she enjoyed placing 2nd in her age group. Up next for her is the Kelowna Apple Triathlon.

Angie - It was Angie's first 1/2 Ironman this weekend at GWN and she did so well! She had a fantastic day (with a very cute cheering squad who were very proud of their mom). Angie finished the course on a very windy day in 5:48:56. She has been training so hard and always giving 110% which is why she is seeing progress. Angie is now going to settle into fall marathon training but she is still going to swim and bike!

Sue - Although we couldn't spot Sue as she was not in TTL gear, I got to see Sue throughout the day smiling away (even when she couldn't feel her feet until 6km on the run!). With a 3 minute time improvement over last year, all of the running Sue has been doing has really paid off! It has been hard to get alot of the long bikes in due to the weather and she still biked well (her husband told her she would and now she has to tell him he was right!). Just 4 weeks out from Calgary 70.3 Sue is going to take what she learned and apply it to that race. Way to go Sue!

Danielle - Danielle zipped by me, happy as I have ever seen her, at the 17km mark on the run at GWN this weekend and I simply couldn't believe how fast she was going! Danielle had an amazing first 1/2 Ironman this weekend! She swam strong despite being a bit nervous, and she executed her bike perfectly saving her legs for an outstanding run where she had her fastest 1/2 marathon time ever, 1:46:12! After finishing GWN in 5:33:28, Danielle will be doing Calgary 70.3 next month and now belives in herself enough to go to Penticton and sign up for Ironman Canada 2011! Yeah Danielle! Congratulations girl!

Maureen - Maureen is another 1/2 Ironman first timer. Maureen too raced happy the entire day, executed her entire day perfectly and smashed her time goal of 8 hours crssing the line in 7:03:55. She planned every detail and it really payed off in her racing. At the finish line exclaimed "that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!". She had a huge support crew come out to cheer her on and a Champagne toast at the finish line was a great way to end the day and a new hoodie with IWHBIDI on it to celebrate her accomplishment! Way to go Maureen. We all knew you could do it!

Coach Richelle - I too raced this weekend. However I opted participate on a team and just to do the bike as I have not been swimming or running enough to do the race how I would like to. When we arrived at the lake race morning I was calm until I could not find my bike computer. I was literally shaking until we found it! Ha! And I thought I wasn't going to be nervous for this race. I buzzed around for the rest of the morning helping everyone into wetsuits and then got myself organized once the swimmers were off. I had a great 50km and the last 40km hurt more than I thought it would but, I knew I was going faster than in previous years. I raced strictly off my watts and heart rate and did not look at my time until after I got off my bike! It was wonderful to not worry about time and just push myself where my body told me I could. I hopped off the bike and handed the chip to super runner Chris Kennedy who ran us to a 5th place finish!

I had a great rest of the day cheering everyone alongside my husband. We cheered people on the run course and then went to the finish for celebreations as everyone came in. That was more fun that racing myself. I am so proud of everyone!
Up next for me are the National Mountain Bike Championships (I am doing the Citizen Challange) on July 18th.

July 2, 2010

Here is Gerry rippin it up at the Oliver 1/2 Ironman last month. Way to go Gerry!

I am so proud of his dedication and hard work. He is gearing up next for the Desert 1/2 Ironman next weekend - his last race before Ironman Canada! Go Gerry Go!