May 31, 2010

June 2nd practice

This week we will meet at the Bearspaw Community Centre again. This was a great location as it was easy to find and not too far out of town. Please be ready to go (ie. tension to the chain) by 6:15pm.

I will post an indoor option at by 5pm at the latest if it looks like rain. It says rain in the forecast but I am crossing my fingers that is not the case.


May 26, 2010

Indoor option for home

I am not officially cancelling practice but it looks like it could rain..... I will go to Retreat Road to meet those who want to go. I am not riding as I am injured but will give instructions for the ride.

Here is the INDOOR option for tonight to be done at home if you do not want to come all the way to Cochrane.

Description: The intervals in this workout are done in zone 3, (If you have 6 zones on your program, these are zone 4 intervals. If you have 5 zones, these are zone 3 intervals.)
RPE 7 - 8 / 10. Your heart rate should rise as you progress through the workout and you should find it easier to get into zone 3 later in the workout.
- If you don't have aerobars go into your drops instead.

Warm up: 25 min
0:00-5:00 5 min easy spin
5:00-10:00 Increase your gearing by 1 gear each minute and hold RPM at 90 - 100
10:00-11:00 1 min easy
11:00-20:00 3 x (1:00 SLL / 1:00 HCS / 1:00 SLR / 1:00 HCS)
- SLL = single leg left, SLR = Single leg right, HCS = High cadence spin
- Single leg is done in a big gear at 60 rpm
20:00-23:00 3:00 easy, get a drink

Main Set: Zone 3 (z3) pyramid.
3 x's through pyramid
3:00 z3
:30 easy
4:00 z3 in aerobars
1:00 easy
5:00 z3
5:00 easy
- RPM never drops below 85 rpm throughout.
- Rate of perceived exertion should start at 6 and build to 8 through the intervals.

Cool Down: 15 min
- 1 min at 115 rpm
- 1 min at 90 rpm
- 2 min at 110 rpm
- 1 min at 90 rpm
- 3 min at 105 rpm
- 1 min at 90 rpm
- 4 min at 100 rpm
- 2 min at 90 rpm

May 25, 2010

Wednesday May 26th

Hey gang! Sorry for the late post as with the long weekend and all I am just a bit behind.

We will be riding at 6:15 meeting at the top of Cochrane Hill. We will meet at the corner of Retreat Road and Highway 1A (at the top of Cochrane Hill). I will get there early so people can see me. I will keep my phone on so if you get lost you can call me.

We will do a warm-up along Retreat Road and then ride up through Glen Eagles a few times!

See you tomorrow!

May 19, 2010

We are riding!!!

See you at 6:15 at Angels Cafe!

May 19th

Rain is holding off! We are still a go for tonight unless it starts pouring in the next hour or so. I will update you at 5pm(ish).

May 15, 2010

Wednesday Night Bricks

It was great to see everyone out on Wednesday night. We had a great group of riders all ranging in ability. If you are thinking about coming out you should! There will be someone to ride with and it is always a great workout as you are challenged at your own level. Please read blog below as a reminder of what to bring to each session.

Wednesday - May 19th
We will be doing Edworthy Hills! Please meet (and be ready to ride at 6:15pm) at Angels Cafe which is in the parking lot at the bottom of Shaganappi Trail.

Any questions, just email, text or call!

May 10, 2010

Wednesday Night Brick sessions

Hello riders!

We start the Wednesday Night Brick sessions this week. Rides are always on Wednesday night at 6:15pm and I will be posting updated information on my blog ( to keep you updated each week on where to meet and if, due to weather the ride must be cancelled. If the weather is questionable I hope to make the call by 5pm.

Please be fully organized and ready to ride by 6:15pm each Wednesday.

A few things to remember/have with you each week:
-have bike maintained and fully tuned each week (ie. check it over routinely to ensure it is in proper working order – also please pump your tires each week!
-bring appropriate clothes along with extra clothes just in case for the weather
-have full water bottles and food (ie. gels or a bar) with you for the ride
-bring running shoes as all workouts are brick workouts
-if dropping into workout, please have appropriate change ($10 per session) as I will not be able to make change
-road ID or a recipe card with the following written on it:
Emergency Contact info #1: (a contact name and number)
Emergency Contact info #2: (a contact name and number)
Known medical information:

If you have questions Wednesday during the day, please use one of the following ways to contact me:
Phone: 403 554-7532
Text: 403 554-7532

For our first ride we will be meeting at Rocky Ridge. The Rocky Ridge meeting spot is actually the Bearspaw Lions Club parking lot.
DIRECTIONS: To get to the Hall, take Highway 1A (Crowchild Trail) west from Calgary toward Cochrane. One half mile past the Calgary city limit sign, exit at Bearspaw Road (Range Road 30) going north and immediately turn right (east) onto Nagway Road and proceed along Nagway Road. The Hall is on the north side of Nagway Road and is sign-posted. Parking is available along Nagway Road and on the west end of the property.